Choosing your massage is EASY.


I make it easy.  I offer medical/therapeutic massage, as well as Swedish, relaxation, cupping, and prenatal massage.  No matter what your needs....or if you're not sure what you need - all you have to do is simply schedule "massage therapy." 

At Strongsville Massage, your sessions are ALL INCLUSIVE - meaning you pay just one price and, based upon your needs at the time of your visit, you may receive one or a combination of any of the following, at No extra charge!:

*Aromatherapy                                     *Prenatal

*Cupping                                                 *Relaxation

*Swedish                                                 *Therapuetic/Medical massage



Include any special requests or information under Notes when you schedule your appointment on-line.  Sessions usually also include hot towels and hot stones to help warm isolated muscles and promote circulation.




Please note - All FIRST appointments are pre-paid. After your first appointment, you may choose to either pre-pay or pay at the time of service. You are able to schedule on-line even though Massage Book indicates otherwise, payment simply needs to be made with CC, Debit card or Gift Certificate (claim code.)


Half session (approx. 30 mins.*) $40.00

Full session (approx. 60 mins.*) $80.00

Deluxe session (approx. 90 mins.*) $120.00

*Depending upon the client/treatment condition, some sessions may go slightly over the 30 or 60 minute session while some may fall just short.


Short on time but your neck, shoulders or back are really hurting?  Don't have 30 or 60 mins.? Come in for a Chair Massage for 15 or 20 minutes. (Maybe during your lunch break or on your way home.) 

Schedule and pre-pay online to get in and out quickly!


Additional Services (priced separately)


Facial rejuvenation cupping: This facial rejuvenation treatment uses special Bellataze facial cups specifically made for use on the face. These cups gently pull, lift and open the facial tissues which help tighten the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.


Sinus treatment: Sinuses are drained using special Belletazze facial cups. Clients generally feel the drainage during the process and once completed, sinuses should feel opened up. 15-20 min. treatment $23.


TMJ treatment: In this TMJ therapy session, special  Belletazze facial cups which, when applied, glide over the tissues of the jaw and cheek to help open the tissues by helping reduce the inflammation and pain. 15-20 min. treatment $23


Reiki: Energy work is rooted in the principle that the body is bioenergetic and seeks to maintain balance. It seeks to restore, promote, and maintain health and wellness. Reiki practitioners transfer universal energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms, believing it allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. Clients have described feeling a deep relaxation, renewed energy and often "feel" the energy as a warm sensation.  60 min. $65 energy centers.


Add-Ons:  Add on to your massage service and save:

Organic salt scrub or sugar scrub to hands, feet or both.
Exfoliates, leaving skin moisturized and smooth, allowing for new skin cell growth.

Hands or feet: $5
Both Hands and feet: $10

Sinus treatment - $8 (you save by adding on to another service (Reg. $15 alone)

TMJ treatment   - $8 (you save by adding on to another service (Reg. $15 alone)

(It is Important to ensure you have advised your therapist of any allergies, including those to nuts or aromas/essential oils.)



This is designed for those who know the long-term benefits of receiving massage monthly. Sign-up and get 12 months 60 minute massage therapy sessions at a discounted rate. If you are unable to get your massage one month, you may carry  it over to the following month, receiving two massages the next month. Your credit card will be billed monthly for this service. If you move or have another reason you need to cancel, just give one month advance notification and no termination fee will apply.

60 minute massage: $68/month Reg. $80/session  (save $12)

90 minute massage: $103/month  Reg. $120/session (save $17)


PACKAGES/SERIES (These are per person)

>Purchase a 2 pk 60 min. massage therapy sessions for $136  Regularly $160. 

>Purchase a 2 pk 90 min. massage therapy sessions for $216  Regularly $240.


Please note: All Sales are Final.  If you should cancel an appointment, the appointment may be rescheduled.

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